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Welcome to the home page of Täby Blås

Täby Blås Täby Blås is a symphonic band from Täby in the northern part of Stockholm (the Swedish word blås means blow, and also, in the context of instruments, wind).

The band was founded in 1973 and now consists of about fifty amateur musicians.

With the combination of instruments in a symphonic band comes the ability to play many kinds of music. We have a large repertoire and give varied performances, including both church concerts and march music. We can also tailor concerts for anniversaries, inauguration ceremonies, etc.

Täby Blås has performed in many different places, including several Swedish music festivals. Every other summer, we make a trip to play abroad. In the summer of 1993 we went to Wernigerode in Germany for the Rathausfest, and previously we have been to Elst in the Netherlands, Lido di Jesolo in Italy, Reinbeck and Hannover in Germany, Bournemouth in England, Copenhagen in Denmark and Helsinki in Finland.

For more information please contact Jan Thor.


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